Five Components of MOVIN

MOVIN is a multidimensional intervention comprised of five components – Psychomotor skills training, Resources, Communication, Ambulation Environment, and Unit Culture. When implemented with fidelity, these five components address the multifaceted barriers preventing nursing staff from ambulating older adults during their hospital stay.

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Psychomotor Skills

Physical therapy and nursing-led didactic and hands-on training

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Ambulation Environment

Distance markers and unit maps to increase progression

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Additional staff and ambulation equipment

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Unit Culture

Unit-level launch team, unit ambulation goals, and incentives

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Electronic reporting and  visible and verbal communication tools

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MOVIN Timeline

MOVIN occurs in three phases over a 12-week period: Preparing for MOVIN, Implementing MOVIN, and Sustaining MOVIN. Through these phases, the five components of MOVIN are implemented at your site. Use of the MOVIN manual and supporting tool kit documents ensures successful application of MOVIN on adult acute care inpatient units.

Prepare, Implement, Sustain

Ready for MOVIN?

Is your hospital ready for the MOVIN Difference? Check out our readiness tool for more information.

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